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Artifical Intelligence in Diagnostics

Big Data Analytics

We collect and analyse millions of anonymous medical records with diagnosed health issues. Our partners conduct about 60 million lab tests a year. They carry out over 3,000 different tests.

Clinical Validation

Our expert consultants verify medical content and extract knowledge from the medical science literature and published medical cases. With over 3,000 types of laboratory tests and many hours of analysis, we have a huge database ready to diagnose any health symptoms!

Artificial Intelligence

We run state of the art AI solutions to spot and detect any hidden patterns in our medical data. We are constantly learning new paradigms and updating our existing knowledge to deliver the best possible diagnoses.


Our technology and engines are characterised by high levels of accuracy. Our predictions provide detailed reports that save doctors’ time, support the treatment of patients and provide extensive knowledge gathered thanks to the work of many high-class medical specialists.

We are working on the analysis of various laboratory tests with particular emphasis on blood tests, which are the most popular tests order in the first place by doctors.

How it Works

Performing Laboratory Tests

The patient goes to the diagnostic laboratory and submits the material for examination.

AI Algorithm Analysis

The results of laboratory tests are analysed with advanced machine learning algorithms.

Analysis Reports

The doctor receives a clear report on the patient's health status, diagnoses, treatment recommendations and further tests.

What are the advantages of working with Diagu

AI generated reports

By analysing huge amounts of prior diagnosis data, the system is capable of finding coherent dependencies in current tests, showing all the possibilities that a human operator might miss. All, even the slightest deviation from the norm of any parameter, has a meaning in Diagu algorithms.

Facilitating work for doctors, time saving

The doctor has the possibility of obtaining a preliminary report on laboratory tests, which significantly facilitates his or her work, shortens the time for analysing results and speed up the diagnosis.

Instant, precise diagnose

The patient receives an extensive health report developed on the basis of his own tests and millions of prior studies and their diagnostic outcomes. The report contains a lot of information that cannot be obtained using standard diagnostic methods.

Treatment suggestion and follow-up tests

Access to our application provides more detailed and more objective evaluation of the patient’s health and also give his or her doctor a diagnosis and treatment suggestions. Machine learning algorithms become smarter over time as they evaluate successive lab results.

International Classification of Diseases 11th Revision - Mortality and Morbidity Statistics

Diagu works closely with the international classification of diseases in the latest version of the ICD11. Our team actively cooperates with the World Health Organization in creating this classification as part of a team that can submit their proposals for changes and post comments on individual disease items. 

Our solution is connected in real mode with the ICD 11 database. 

Try the disease search engine prepared by Diagu.



Medical Diagnosis Analytics

The Diagu project aims to design a system for medical diagnosis analytics using machine learning. The system generates automatic reports for respective parameters and norms and helps to establish all dependencies between them.

Diagu concentrates primarily on blood tests, which are amongst the most important medical tests that exist.

The platform developed by Diagu allows not only a presentation of deviations from the norm, but also suggests diagnoses, taking into consideration complex interconnections between discrepancies in corresponding norms that are often omitted by humans.


Examination - Symptom checker

We collect patient data, offer health advice, triage our patients, and support medical staff. Thanks to our advanced algorithms we can conduct a medical interview with the patient, find out what kind of care they really need and reduce unnecessary expense.

We know exactly who should stay and be treated at home, who qualifies for tele-consultation, who should see a doctor, what laboratory tests to order, how to verify their results and what additional tests need to be carried out and who needs urgent medical care.


Diagu® answer against COVID-19

Support for diagnostics for COVID-19
We are working on providing an additional solution supporting serological diagnostics in the course of COVID-19, which is beginning to play a role in the later phase of the SARS-CoV-2 infection, approximately 7-10 days after infection.

Our algorithms are intended to help interpret the results of serological tests that must be interpreted in conjunction with a patient’s clinical symptoms and/or epidemiological history.

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